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Pyramid III

Floor Plan Size Floor Suite Lease Type Price Available Comments
33,774 2nd 2020 & 3020 Full Service $18.50 NOW Large floor opportunity with expansive lake views
7,901 2nd 3021 Full Service $18.50 NOW Move-in ready classroom space, perfect for computer training, 5 large training rooms with supporting office and technology areas
30,258 2nd & 4th 2nd & 4th Full Service $18.50 NOW Illustrates entire 2nd & 4th floor availability
13,731 4th 3040 Full Service $18.50 NOW Full floor, great water and downtown skyline views, building has cafe, conference center & fitness center
10,826 6th 3060 Full Service $18.50 NOW Full floor with recent new build-out, many upgrades in ceiling & lighting add contemporary feel, great water and downtown skyline views, on-site cafe, conference & fitness center