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Pyramid I

Floor Plan Size Floor Suite Lease Type Price Available Comments
7,027 1st 1012 Full Service $18.50 NOW 1st floor space! 10 foot tall floor to ceiling windows overlooking lake, double glass door lobby entry, ready for tenant construction
4,032 3rd 1030 Full Service $17.50 NOW Large training space with stage, coffee bar and admin areas, seating capacity over 50 people
2,442 4th 1041 Full Service $18.50 NOW Lake view with 6 private offices, conference room and storage areas
1,249 4th 1043 Full Service $18.50 NOW Wide open, flexible space, view of lake to the south
2,479 5th 1051 Full Service $18.50 NOW Elevator lobby entrance with 6 private offices, conference room, work room, kitchen and reception area, beautiful view of lake to south
1,698 5th 1053 Full Service $18.50 NOW Combination of open space, 2 private offices, conference room and storage area
998 Lower 1006 Full Service $8.50 NOW Storage space